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It is noticed that employees who get health care benefits tend to have greater job satisfaction and are more loyal to the company. On the other hand it also benefits the employer as it reduces the amount spent on medical expenses and also increases the productivity. Hence the welfare of employees has a direct impact on the success of the company. The aspects of welfare can range from offering information to the employees or may be to provide subsidised meals and that too planned by professional Dieticians/ Nutritionists, or opening a gym in the campus itself and lots more,

The lifestyle today does not permit people to do even if they wish to do for their health due to shortage of time, hectic schedule at work etc. Many corporate have started employee wellness programs that can help their staff get healthier, may be in terms of reduction in stress or lose weight, improve immunity or improve stamina and so on. Depending on the programs offered, it might help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, sleep better, and reduce your visits to the hospitals. This can be achieved more by getting personalised Diet plans by the Dieticians during these employee wellness programs. The reason being there is plenty of general information available everywhere. But what fits in a person’s plan may not fit in another one.

People have started realising that Diet and Health go together. Hence it is also noticed that more and more number of people are joining online Diet and Nutrition courses for their own well being as well as a career option. These online Diet and Nutrition courses equip them to take care of their nutrition in a scientific and practical manner.

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