Corporate "Employee Wellness" workshops

As an organization, your employees are your most valued assets because the profitability of your organization depends on the intellectual capital of your employees. Hence its important that you place utmost importance and conduct training/wellness programs to safeguard health and wellbeing of your employees. Unfortunately, a sizeable section of the corporate world of modern India is affected by chronic and lifestyle diseases.

In fact, as per recent World Health Organization (WHO) report, overweight and obesity issues are beginning to take centre stage and soon 60% of the world’s cardiac patients will be Indians. The report also says that over 52 lakh people died in India of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes and cancer in 2008. NCDs accounted for 53% of all deaths in India.

Project deadlines, work pressure, peer competition, irregular eating habits coupled with intake of junk foods, mental stress and near-sedentary lifestyle are some of the major concerns of ‘Corporate’ India. Lack of wellbeing of your employees translates into:

  • Absenteeism and late-coming
  • Loss of productivity / Decrease in Throughput
  • Non achievement of Target.
  • Larger insurance premiums and hospital bills
  • High attrition rates

This, in turn, adversely affects the work environment and hence the revenue of your organization. HR consulting firm Mercer, in its report of 2009 observed that two in every five Indian corporate are adding wellness programs. PepsiCo rewarded employees for losing flab, Hewlett-Packard employees got online health profiles, Maruti Suzuki and LG promoted morning workouts, Bharti Airtel sponsored marathons while TCS took up a "serenity" initiative to improve employee well-being. So, what are you going to do for your employees?

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